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Tiny Love Letters

Tiny Love Letters straight to your inbox!

Chirp and Moo is sharing Tiny Love Letters. A couple of times a week, you will receive a drawing and short, snack-sized thoughts. We focus on the following: curiosity, mindfulness, honesty, self-compassion, parenting, bravery, nature, empathy, slowing down, listening, growth mindset, friendships, courage and love.

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Art Camp CO

Play is Essential. Art is Play!

At Art Camp CO, we believe that everyone has a natural need to create. It is our intention to host a space where students can feel safe enough to explore their creativity no matter their amount of art experience.

We believe that kids need nature, unstructured time and play. There are so many life skills that we learn through PLAY. We have designed an approach to SEL (social emotional learning) through process art. Process art is a type of art that encourages problem-solving, risk-taking and self-expression. We focus on the making and the doing, rather than the finished product.​

We believe in the power of teaching the 4 C's of 21st Century skills (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity). We believe that art activities are an incredible way to stimulate mindfulness, expand growth mindset and support the learning of our own emotional health.

We encourage students to ask questions, develop new ideas, and to stay curious. When we learn to listen with curiosity, we learn to listen with empathy. And empathy is one of the foundational building blocks of great social interaction and connection.

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The Sentimentals

Hey, never be ashamed of the way you feel!

These characters were created to help kids (of any age) identify what they are feeling, so that they may learn to better cope with all of the ups and downs of life. We started with The Journal. And the picture books introducing each character will be out this year! (learn more here!)

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Chirp and Moo is also doing....

Ridgeway Valley

When Betsy met Lou!

It all started with Betsy the Cow back in the mid 90's. Then, we met Lou (says Moo). Today, the Ridgeway Valley family is a host of characters that live together on Bob's Dairy Farm. Aunt Maude, Uncle Henry, Phannie, Benny and a few others round out the team. Currently, there are eight children's books published and we have three more in production. Oh, and keep your eyes out for our upcoming project: The Ridgeway Valley Underground! 

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Fun Videos

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